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The Montorose Babtist Church was originally located on top of this hill about five miles out of Florence and all that remains is the cemetery. The church was allegedly burned to the ground in the early 1900?Most of the gravestones are gone and all are broken and worn.

One account of the haunting was that while taking rubbings of the gravestones when the sound of laughter was heard. A little boy standing in front of one of the tombstones was seen laughing. As the person got near for a closer look, the little boy laughed again and then disappeared. The name on the grave marker was Joseph Wallace born 1822 and died in the 183---, the rest of the date was broken off the stone.

This was sent in from vistor Ashely:
I have also been to Montrose Graveyard.. I have been 2 or 3 times. it is getting hard to drive a car up there now. if i could make a suggestion that is to take an SUV or truck. but the first time we went we pulled up near the mass gravestone and got out of our car. we read the stone and was informed that it is the one stone that now represtents all that was ever buried there. you can see where people have gone up there and thrown bottles and such at the stone to intice things. we stayed around there for about 5-10 minutes and then made our way back off the hill. and gosh yes is it a hill! at first you dont think you are getting that high, but we came to realize it the second trip. the second trip we had 2 cars. well a car and truck. the truck decieded to ride up and then back down like my friend and i had done the previous time but my friend and i this time decided to circle the site. you could see a small road from where others had done so. this time we saw the left over gravestones. there are about 3 or 4 tops still up but in really bad shape. and the dates are old, like of the 1800's as you posted in your decription. they are broken and hard to read. after seeing the dates on there i decided to look out towards the road and yeah we were up there on that hill. i got this fear all of a sudden that something was going to happen like maybe we would see something and it try to push our car off the hill, so we left. but both times we never really saw anything. i dont know if it is because we have enough respect not to trach the place with bottles to intice things or what but again if someone decides to try out this place good luck.. and always becareful.